Something old and borrowed and blue too


{30 year old dress}

There is something special about vintage clothes. For me anything old is amazing, it has a history and often a really great story. I spend a lot of my days off wandering around old book stores, reading the special annotations written inside and looking through vintage stores’ clothing racks. However, my latest find was in my mother’s room. 30 years ago she wore this gorgeous blue dress to her and my dad’s engagement party. She has kept it all these years and it still looks too gorgeous to be hiding away in a cupboard. It has such a story behind it. It was worn on one of her happiest days and now I can give it some more happy memories. It’s old, borrowed , blue and fabulous.


{Gorgeous hat from Harry Wragg}IMG_5149

{Love this one from Rockstar Vintage}


{The patten on this dress from Rockstar Vintage is to die for}

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