Brisbane Festival


Today, while I was working, we received a delivery. One in those huge boxes. For some reason even when I am work and the delivery is not ‘really’ for me I can’t help but get a little excited and wonder what it may be. To my surprise and excitement it was the Brisbane Festival program catalogue. Now let me just say, I love the Brisbane Festival. The festival takes place in September and it is one of those exciting months when Brisbane really comes alive and shines. It has many events in the arts; theatre, music, dance and many other events such as fireworks displays, lighting shows, markets, food and much more. I have already sat down and bookmarked all the things I want to do and see; even better, the festival’s website is designed so you can search what you want to do and build your own itinerary, brilliant. Looks like September is going to be a busy, exciting month. Can’t wait.


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