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Dior Fashion Display

I like to call myself arty. I love to create great displays, love decor and interior design and am quite crafty. But when it comes to walking around galleries looking at a whole lot of paintings, many of which I don’t understand, I easily get bored. So when my cousin dragged me to Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria to see Monet’s Garden exhibition, I was ready for a long afternoon. To my delight, the gallery was also showcasing the Dior and Yamamoto: The New Look exhibition. It was only a small exhibition that showcased two pivotal moments in the history of fashion through designers Christian Dior and Yohji Yamamoto, but it was amazing and I was in my element. The fashion was divine. I will definitely be adding the style of skirts showcased in the exhibition to my wardrobe. It is truly amazing how the fashion of our history pays such a vital role in the world of future design, shapes it, and more often than not the history of our past becomes a part of our future again. Styles may fade but fashion truly is eternal.









{I had to restrain myself at the gallery bookshop, was so tempted to buy the Dior book and many others}

Cupcake Jewels

Cupcakes are amazing. They look gorgeous, taste delicious and are just the right size for a snack. I have had many parties with cupcake displays, not only for the practicality of the easy dessert, but also for the appearance of all the pretty cupcakes on the stand. However, my house lacks space and as soon as the party is over I am stuck trying to find a place for the bulky, all be it gorgeous stand. Instead of trying to find a place to store the stand, I added some cute cupcake papers and displayed my many petite bracelets and necklaces. It’s practical (great for jewellery storage) and a real pretty piece to lighten up any room.








Black and White Stripe with a Touch of Green

I am absolutely loving green at the moment – in my outfits, accessories, nail polishes and make-up. The brightness of the colour is great in the winter season to add light to the more dull colours on our winter colour pallet. By emphasising colour in shoes, bag and accessory choices, it really does achieve a much brighter feel, which I believe is vital in the cooler weather. Today was such a gorgeous day in Brisbane ,so I wanted my outfit to feel and look bright and breezy. To get this look I paired what was a simple black and white maxi dress and a black cardi with a bright green scarf, pumps and polish to brighten up the look.






photo 5

Shop displays

I love shopping. Everything about it, from walking around aimlessly to trying on the latest trends. But in my many years of shopping trips I never really thought about the importance of shopping displays; that is until I saw one that really took my breath away. The Sportsgirl store located on Melbourne’s iconic Bourke Street had a display that really cannot be described as anything less than amazing. I believe the theme for this particular display was ‘mexican’ or some sort of ‘cowboy’ theme. Not sure what it was exactly, but lets just say it was very effective. Each individual piece, the colour pallet and the artwork worked well together. The importance of having a killer display that compliments the garments in the store is crucial and in my opinion, Sportsgirl did an excellent job. I won’t go into too much detail, instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking. After seeing such a magic display, I spent the next few days walking around the shops really looking at their displays and the lack of. I noticed how much it made an impact on the stores I entered and the ones I chose to walk on by. A store’s success can really hinge on how their store looks, and it is often just as important as their prices and the items they stock. It’s one of those things we don’t, as shoppers, think about. We never really ask ourselves why we enter a certain store, we just go in. But the reason why we do usually has a lot to do with the appearance of the store. Appearances really do matter, much more than we may think.








Cheap and classy

How many times do you hear people say ‘you get what you pay for’. Personally, I hate this saying and couldn’t disagree more. I love designer brands and often splurge on cute Tony Bianco shoes and Jimmy Choo bags, but in no way does this mean I am going to get an infallable product. I have paid $300 for a Guess bag only for it to break and $20 on a Big W bag for it to last years. Yes, in some ways more expensive things are better quality and in other ways cheap items will fall apart. But you can’t base your entire closet and life around the rule that cheap is nasty and expensive means better quality. In fact I own some cute brown heels that are super cute and go perfectly with almost anything. “How much were they? Where did you get them? I love them. I want a pair”. These are some of the comments I have been receiving since wearing them out and about. The answer is, I got them on sale two years ago for $2 from Kmart. Yes, that’s rare but it proves a point, cheap is not always nasty, in fact it can be classy.

photo 2-2

A little bit of France in Brisbane

photo 3-2.PNG

{Gorgeous frontage}

photo 1-5

{Love the chandeliers}

photo 5-1.PNG

{Chicken risotto to die for}

photo 4-2.PNG

{Desert was a little bit of heaven}

Today, my boss (yes she can be fabulous) took us out for lunch. I work in a small office for a politician so it can be busy and often stressful. The last few weeks have been full on and we have been working super hard (doing extra hours and days) and today seemed like the perfect occasion for a break. We headed to C’est Bon, a cute little French restaurant in Woolloongabba. One of the things I enjoy most about going out to eat different cuisines is experiencing their culture. C’est Bon did not disappoint. The waitress greeted us with her gorgeous French accent; nothing feels more like France then a french accent. The interior design is cosy, warm and exactly what I imagined French cafes to look like. Even the toilets are somehow beautiful and designed with a French theme. Everything from the paintings to the chandeliers screamed France. The food; words cannot explain; it was incredible. With a delicious meal, a bottle of expensive champagne (the boss’s treat) and the sound of the French accents, you can just imagine yourself sitting staring out at the Eiffel Tower. The best way to start the weekend is to experience a little bit of France.

Caviar Pearls

photo 1-3

For months now, every time I walk into a chemist I see Caviar Pearls and often spend 10 minutes staring at them contemplating whether to purchase them or not. Every time I have come up with some sort of reason why I shouldn’t and manage to walk away. However, today I was looking for something ‘funky’ to go with my outfit for a work lunch I have on tomorrow at C’est Bon a lovely french restaurant in Stanley Street, Woolloongabba. As soon as I saw Caviar Pearls they made the cut. I couldn’t wait to get home and give them a go and to my surprise they were really simple to apply. They look amazing and although they only last up to 48 hours they are incredibly stylish. Paired with a simple black dress, they will create the perfect balance of sophisticated style and fun. My all time favouriate mix.

You can purchase Caviar Pearls at most chemists and beauty stores.

  1. Apply one coat of base colour and let dry completely;
  2. Working on one nail at a time, add another coat of base colour and pour pearls onto nails (make sure you keep something under your finger to catch the pearls that fall);
  3. Wait 30 seconds then press the pearls into your nail;
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3;
  5. Apply a cover of top coat nail polish; and
  6. Allow to dry completely for 10 – 20 minutes.

photo 2-4.PNG

photo 1-4

photo 2-1

Mismatched Patterns

This year, I rang in the new year in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Everything about New York was incredible and literally took my breath away, from the world famous libraries to the architecture, scenery and of course the fashion. Just watching ‘typical New Yorkers’ stroll the gorgeous streets and laneways in their outfits of all different styles was such a wonderful experience. I was amazed by the amount of women (and men too) wearing pattern on pattern, mismatched patterns at that. Somehow they looked incredible, so very stylish. Surprisingly to me, mismatched suddenly became very appealing. However, in the past I have been quite conservative (this is slowly changing as I get older) in my style, so the idea of mismatching patterns is somewhat daunting. Nevertheless my mismatched fashion has started and I am slowly getting the courage to express myself through sometimes very unconservative pieces. I’m loving it and I am having a lot of fun exploring this new element to my style.


{Not overly mismatched, but recently I paired some leopard pattern flats with a scarf with label patterns}



Being sweet this season

The cool Winter season chills have started and although Brisbane experiences only a very mild cold season, we all tend to feel it. Unlike most, when the cool season begins I’m not putting away my sweet fragrances, instead I am pulling them out. I love beautiful sweet fragrances in Winter to soften the blacks, greys and nudes that are often on the winter colour pallet. I know smell is not seen, but the mixture of scent and colour can create a perfect balance. This Winter I am loving Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo and Oscar by Oscar De La Renta. They are chic, sophisticated with a touch of creativity and fun.

photo 2.PNG{Oscar by Oscar De La Renta}

photo 1.PNG

{Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo}

The bigger the watch the better

When it comes to accessories I can be quite conservative and go for dainty simple pieces that do not take too much emphasis off my outfit. But this winter I have been very much wanting to express myself through large gorgeous pieces that really stand out, so when I came across this watch on my recent visit to Melbourne, I couldn’t resist.

photo-2 {Found this beauty at the Queen Victoria Markets (I love how it takes up my entire wrist)}