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I Locked My Heart in New York City

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Whenever I go on holidays I am all for finding interesting, quirky things that the city has to offer. New York was one of those cities that was full of them! However, I found the array of padlocks, locked together on the Brooklyn Bridge, particularly amazing. As soon as I saw them I went crazy with the camera taking snaps of the locks. Ten minutes later I finally noticed all the messages on the locks. It turns out that lovers from all across the world come to New York (and other love hotspots) to lock their hearts with a padlock and throw the key into the river. Apparently it is a sign of eternal love! How neat! I just love finding quirky trends in the cities I visit, especially romantic ones. I can’t lie, I’m a bit of a romantic and the idea of locking your heart in the city of love (and fashion), yep, it’s got my vote.


{Manhattan is just so photogenic, even in the middle of winter}


{Brooklyn Bridge}





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Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.23.56 PM

{the array of locks, locked together on the Brooklyn bridge}

All the love in the world

As I have said before in a previous post I love taking photos. What I haven’t mentioned is that I love viewing photos (especially in gallery showcases) that others take and trying to interpret what they were trying to achieve or what they were thinking/feeling when they were taking the photograph. I also love books; not the story kinds but the picture books, love letters, DIYs, quotes (really anything with short and sweet content on a particular subject). So when I came across the photo book All The Love In The World I just had to buy it. Before I bought it, I was flipping through and was taken back by the gorgeous photography. I had no idea what the idea behind the photography was until I got home and read the back inside page of what the book was about. Turns out the author, Jesse Hunter was a fashion, graphic design and multimedia design graduate who got sick of living the ordinary life and quit his design job and took off on a journey with his partner Mikala. Jesse travelled through 44 countries for 650 days and photographed love hearts everywhere. You can learn more about the book and hear from the author in this video. All The Love In The World is an amazing, completely visual book. Great story, great pictures, great meaning.

“On an epic journey of 650 days, in 44 countries, on 6 continents I photographed love hearts to bring everybody ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD” {Jesse Hunter}.

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