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Short Dress, Flat Shoes


It appears that although my height (174cm) has it’s advantages, like having long legs, it also has its disadvantages, like look like a bean when wearing a short dress with heels. This has always been challenging for me as I usually feel incomplete going out for a night on the town wearing flats. But this weekend, I showcased my ‘short dress, flat shoes’ style and I must admit, I liked it. Heels will always have a place in my closet and ‘my style’, but I have come to the conclusion that heels just don’t work for me in conjunction with short dresses.









Concerts Love

Have you ever been to a concert that literally took your breath away, had the best time and realised at that moment that you were literally making a memory you would never forget? Last night was one of those moments for me. I was lucky enough to be at the front of Pink’s ‘Truth about Love’ Concert at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre. It was a million kinds of amazing. Her interaction with the audience, the dancing, the acrobatics, the fireworks (yes fireworks), the displays and of course the incredible music. By far the best concert I have been to. The atmosphere was incredible. Did I mention the “pink love” cocktails? What a night!

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

photo 2-34

{crochet with jeans for some concert fun}

photo 4-25

{‘Pink Love’ cocktail before the concert}

photo 1-40

photo 3-31


photo 4-24

photo 5-16

{oh my pink}

photo 5-17

{take home goodies}